What our clients say


Debra & Bob J.
Debra & Bob J. | Gainesville

I think the training was very informative. We learned a lot and both dogs responded very well. Great experience for us....

Barbara Carbaugh C.
Barbara Carbaugh C. | ocala


Paul M.
Paul M. | gainesville

Was very informative, and gave us a plan going forward. A few simple things seemed to make a big difference. We are excited to try these techniques. Hopefully we will solve our dogs anxiety....

Erica B.
Erica B. | Hawthorne

Jack is obsessive over cats and is a danger to them. Today was the 1st visit and we have the basic understanding of what to do to start control thanks to Kevin....

Tina L.
Tina L. | Gainesville

Very educational regarding behavior and communication with our dog. Taught a more effective way to express desired/undesirable behavior to the dog in a way he understood....

Holly C.
Holly C. | Dunellon

He was very clear in how to train the dogs. The dogs responded to commands well. He covered all the issues we are having + more....

Shari R.
Shari R. | Inverness

Fantastic. Learned a different effective training regimen. Impressive learning experience for us and the dogs....

Laura B.
Laura B. | gainesville

We had barking issues with our dogs always going to the windows & with other dogs or people walking by. Our 2 dogs walking on a leash by our side....

Jennifer G.
Jennifer G. | keystone heights

I feel like Kevin was very patient and knowledgeable about our dogs and their specific situation. I feel like we have been given some good tools to help our dogs....

Susan G.
Susan G. | Melrose

The dogs responded to kevin right away. Im excited to start working with them. It was amazing how well the dogs acted while Kevin was here. He did a great job....

Aaron M.
Aaron M. | Gainesville

Our trainer Kevin was very insightful in his ability to teach you dog behaviors. His approach to training and relating dog behaviors to people behaviors was impactful in our learning...

Anna H.
Anna H. | Gainesville

We actively saw changes in our dogs attitude towards us while implementing new rules. Gave us alot of hope...

Vern V.
Vern V. | Ocala

In the first training session we learnt how to communicate with our dog and correct barking, charging the door when company arrives, and how to establish behavior control. We used the technique ...

Judith F.
Judith F. | Chiefland

We thought Tigra was "untrainable" Kevin helped us so much. Great experience...

Julie B.
Julie B. | Ocala

Kevin was very Knowledgeable, calm and helpful. I felt more confident as the lesson progressed. Very happy with his presentation and help....

Bill & Lorraine K.
Bill & Lorraine K. | Ocala

What great information and transformation our dogs showed today. Kevin should be cloned and every client given a copy....

Nancy & Simon P.
Nancy & Simon P. | Hernando

The change in Bear’s behavior was immediate. We were provided clear representation of what our behavior and actions should look like to continue this change on Bear’s behavior...

Kelly & Tommy C.
Kelly & Tommy C. | Spring hill

We saw immediate change in his behavior. One main goal was to be able to take him on walks. We both successfully walked him and were able to give correction....

Amber K.
Amber K. | Lecanto

Before Rooster got training, nobody other than his humans could get remotely close. We were able to have 30 plus people walk by with no barking, lunging or growling....

Connie M.
Connie M. | Ocala

Rudi and Duncan started immediately listening....

Kitty & Wayne H.
Kitty & Wayne H. | Inverness

Kevin is kind and educated. He gave us a better understanding of the way dogs communicate. We found the process understandable and easy to implement. We were given physical and mental tools to work ...

Phyllis & Dave G.
Phyllis & Dave G. | Ocala

Amazed by how fast the dogs responded to the corrections....

Morgan & Lee L.
Morgan & Lee L. | Keystone heights

Training went very well. Trainer is very knowledgeable and made the process easy and understandable. We began seein immediate feedback from the dogs with proper posture and vocals....

Raymond & Rosanne J.
Raymond & Rosanne J. | Ocala

Amazing! My dogs responded immediately to Kevin....

Amy w.
Amy w. | Ocala

Wow! I wanted to wait a few days before leaving a review to see how things were going. I have to say that I am amazed. With a few relatively simple tools (that I am still learning how to use) so ...

Jillian K.
Jillian K. | Beverly Hills, Citrus

Very impressed by all the knowledge Laura had to help our dog with his issues. After just one session he appears to be doing so much better. I continue to practice everything she told me and it has ...

Tami A.

Laura is an awesome trainer! In a remarkably short period of time (one session!) I learned so much from her about my pup’s behavior, my role/contribution, AND what I needed to do. I saw immediate...

Sana B.
Sana B. | Newberry, Alachua

We have been so thrilled with the results we have seen with our puppy in just the past month! We instantly saw results as soon as Laura started working with our little guy. She does a fantastic job ...

Miriam M.
Miriam M. | Fort Mc Coy, Marion

Laura is amazing and we were so impressed! She gave us great instruction and was both personable and professional. She really broke it down in a way that was easy so to understand and we are excited ...

Jann L.
Jann L. | Ocala, Marion

Rescued Fannie-Mae knowing that she bites, does not get along with other animals and knows none of the usual commands. First lesson was extremely helpful to me. Very happy I decided to make use of ...

Kristina R.
Kristina R. | Crystal River

Laura is such a pleasure to work with. She is very patient and explains things clearly in a meaningful way. I honestly would never have tried this service if it wasn't for a referral from my parents, ...

Elaine R.
Elaine R. | Ocala

I contacted Laura Victory because I was becoming afraid to walk my 1 year old lab mix Becca. She was mostly a good dog but would bite me me hard when walking. Becca would all of a sudden attack me on...

Mallory T.
Mallory T. | Ocala

Laura was very patient and taught me and my husband so much. I’ve had dogs for most of my life and learned today how to really speak to your dogs. I can’t imagine anything but positive growth ...

Linda B.
Linda B. | Gainesville, Alachua

We are so pleased with the training we received. Excited to practice what we have learned. In the short time we have seen improvements. Laura was great to work with ....

T W.
T W. | Micanopy, Alachua

Laura was absolutely amazing! I have to say that I was a bit skeptical that someone could come to my house and correct my dogs bad behavior in just ONE session! Gizmo is an Australian Shepard and they...

Corinne T.
Corinne T. | Newberry

I'm a local veterinarian and we get some behavior training in school, but I was at wits end when looking for help with my many rescue dogs who had recently attacked the weakest member in the "pack". ...

Susan J.
Susan J. | Gainesville, Alachua

Laura is amazing and so patient with the dogs. Shadow is a 10 mo old mini schnauzer & Gretchen is a 9 mo mini schnauzer Shadow would be very aggressive when I would put his collar on and toward ...

Juliet S.
Juliet S. | Gainesville, Alachua

Laura is incredible! The training she provided us with seriously changed both my life and my dog, Oscar. Oscar is a 2 year old German Shorthaired pointer mix that we rescued when he was a puppy. Over ...

Pat H.
Pat H. | Ocala, Marion

I realized that I needed the training to Chip as his leader rather than he needing to protect or care for me. Laura was the perfect match for me and Chip. In just a very short time many of the ...

Jenny H.
Jenny H. | Weeki Wachee

Laura gave us Excellent instructions & demonstration on how to handle Sophie w/ her excessive barking.when visitors came to the door. or when walking outdoors .We have follow all instructions & the ...

Allison D.
Allison D. | Ocala

I have a chiweenie who was in several shelters for 1 year and 1 week when I adopted him.He is such a sweet dog but had not had any training,so there were no walks because he would walk me! I called ...

Joan S.
Joan S. | Ocala

I can't even think of enough good things to say about Laura! She told me HOW a dog thinks compared to a human. It made so much sense!! She assured me that we could change Ankah's behavior AND ...

Russell C.
Russell C. | Ocala

We have a 3 yr old ShihTzu, and brought a 9 week old Rottie home in November 2016. Our home was out of sync for 9 months. The dogs could not be anywhere near each other. The ShihTzu would never ...

Meagan P.
Meagan P. | Gainesville

The training we received from Laura has made such a HUGE difference in our dog. We have a mini petite goldendoodle who became very assertive after we moved from out of state. We tried group classes ...



Most behavioral issues are learned based on both experiences and environment. That’s why in home dog training is so effective because this is where most behavioral issues occur and it’s where your dog feels the safest. Because your dog can’t speak English and you can’t “speak dog” many miscommunications occur. At Bark Busters, we can teach you how to communicate with your dog in a language he understands.

Does your dog bark constantly when it’s not appropriate?

Does your dog get stressed when you leave?

Does your dog chew and dig out of boredom or otherwise?

Toilet training your puppy should start as soon as the puppy is home with you.

Does your dog continuously repeat certain behaviors more than normal?

Is your dog aggressive toward humans or other dogs?.

Does your dog pull on his leash during a walk and try to walk you?


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